Hearing Atul Gawande speak about Checklists and Health Policy

March 22, 2011

Atul Gawande

Atul Gawande

Just returned from live tweeting of Atul Gawande at Cleveland Clinic Ideas and full of quotes and ideas. For instance, the evidence is building for use of checklists showing significant reduction in mortality and complications so that he states that if there was a drug that showed this kind of effect it would be adopted immediately, even faster than Viagra. Gawande also discussed two of his well known New Yorker articles:

In the end, he challenged the audience and the country to find one hospital which could reduce costs while not causing harm to set a model. He predicted that in the coming hospital wars, the ones which reduced cost while maintaining quality would win and others would lose (close).

Within the provocative statements was the voice of compassion and rediscovering the soul of medicine in the complex, competitive healthcare environment of today.

Check out the twitter feed from the meeting.  And his book: The Checklist Manifesto and his checklists.

Final thought – why are hospitals not advertising that they endorse and complete adopt checklists? And why would anyone not have surgery in a hospital that does not use checklists? Why take the risk when the evidence is there?

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