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2007 – The Year of the Consumer in Health IT

January 4, 2007

In an article by Joseph Conn in Modern Healthcare, “In health IT, consumer’s role on the rise“, he quotes the president of HIMSS saying “I think you’re going to see more and more development around tools for the consumers, especially from employers, trying to use the consumer to be the vehicle to bring about change in healthcare.”  Citing the Dossia project and other employer-sponsored PHR and eHealth initiatives, the question remains as to whether the consumer will trust their employer or insurance company to deliver their health information. Also, the push for quality data from consumers will drive new developments in comparison tools for hospitals and providers. Patient-focused treatments driven by advances in genomics will begin to bring pay-as-you-go treatments back to medicine. He concludes the article with a quote on privacy and the need for trusted entitites (physicians and hospitals) as being the brokers of these services.

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