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Browser of the Future

August 15, 2008

On the website of Adaptive Path, the user-interface experts, there is discussion of a project with Mozilla called Aurora on the browser of the future. The key concepts are:

  • Augmented Reality: The gap is closing between the Web and the world. Services that know where you are and adapt accordingly will become commonplace. The web becomes fully integrated into every physical environment.
  • Data Abundance: There’s more data available to us all the time — both the data we produce intentionally and the data we throw off as a by-product of other activities. The web will play a key role in how people access, manage, and make sense of all that data.
  • Virtual Identity: People are increasingly expected to have a digital presence as well as a physical one. We inhabit spaces online, but we also create them through our personal expression and participation in the digital realm.

Watch the video of this new concept. some of the 3-d features which remind me of the Mac desktop. But with its self learning features, it has similarities to PersonalBrain. Overall very intuitive.

Bottom line – when can I have it.

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