Medical Innovation – Big Data and Patient Engagement

October 31, 2012

At the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit, there was a discussion about big data in health care which moved to the issue of patient engagement and the need for not only transparency of data but also providing tools to manage and interpret data. Two panelists had important inputs –  23&Me and Dr. Harris, CIO of the Cleveland Clinic. What is needed includes PHRs, like MyChart, but also interpretation of results, such as offered by 23&Me. The tools must provide actionable results.

IBM Watson was also featured with a new initiative with Cleveland Clinic to “send Watson to Medical School” using medical students and others to improve paths for medical decisions. This exciting prospect is an experiment in human-computer interaction and machine learning. See this video for more details:


Finally, the top ten innovations announced at the conference including everything from handheld imaging to bariatric surgery.

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