New Search Engine – the future of Search

August 27, 2008

No, I not talking about Cuil – I find it disappointing and although the format is interesting, the search results don’t satisfy my needs.  ReadWriteWeb identifies 3 new search engines, Viewzi, Rollyo, and SearchMe. I want to focus on the first, Viewzi, which has a great variety of interfaces to choose from:

  • news view
  • web shot view – my personal favorite to see screen shots of the results in a slide show format
  • timeline
  • 3D cloud view
  • video x3
  • weather
  • Amazon books
  • recipe?

Lots of fun to explore. Is it useful enough to make it in one of the most competitive spaces in technology? Not sure. Does it have particular advantages for health care? I tried a search for heart disease. The web shot view gave me screenshots I could select from, not 2 million results.

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